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Transform your photos into attractive artwork for decorating at home or at the office. Get to treasure all the special people in your life by gifting them those golden moments they have had with you on custom canvas prints.

RI Print Inc. allows you to create detailed canvases that are ideal for the fine arts markets.

You can give a museum quality to your photos with this amazing printing option.

What Kind of Photos to be Printed on Canvas?

It is best to start to create a canvas by first choosing a good-quality photo that has a good layout. For a single photo on canvas, we recommend a picture with centered subjects and considerable background space on all four sides. This is so that if you choose a gallery-wrap, the main elements of the photo will still be centered as the outer edges wrap around the frame.

You should also choose a photo with high resolution. For instance, photos from smart phones work just fine for smaller photo canvas where ultra-high resolution isn’t as necessary.

On the other hand, a digital camera gives photos the best resolution for being printed on larger canvases.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our canvas printing capabilities.

Transform your artwork into stunning masterpieces with our Premium polished acrylic. The combination of super-vivid printing, professional-quality materials, and the depth and details of your photo creates an astonishing effect.

Create your very own masterpiece and transform your photos and artwork into stunning wall art. RI Print Inc uses Premium polished, best-in-class, 99.9% optically pure acrylic and the latest Flatbed printing equipment craftsmanship.

We can produce the exact print size you want, ranging from 8x8 up to 96x60.

What Kind of Photos to be Printed on acrylics?
It is best to start to create an acrylic by first choosing a good-quality photo that has a good layout. For a single photo on acrylic, we recommend a picture with centered subjects and considerable background space on all four sides.

Easy-to-Order Custom Acrylic Prints
Ordering from us is a pretty straightforward process:

  • Log into your customer portal and find your way to acrylic printing.
  • Add to cart and upload your art.

We will send you a preview copy of your product. With your approval, we’ll have your photos printed on canvas and delivered at your doorstep in no time.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our Acrylic Printing capabilities.

Vinyl Materials Available:
3M Controltac Vinyl
Matte & Gloss Vinyl
Clear Vinyl
Reflective Vinyl
Brushed Aluminum
Static Cling
Opaque Vinyl
Specialty Materials

Vinyl Graphics Printing in Rhode Island
Technology has significantly improved the vinyl graphics industry. These newer technologies allow beautifully detailed and multi-colored graphics to be constructed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Large format vinyl banner printing is now more efficient, and anyone with a desire to create bold, large banners can do so with ease.

Large Format Vinyl Decals And Graphics Printing
Large format vinyl decals and vehicle graphics are an easy way to establish a product brand. Placed on merchandise, company vehicles, or even at job sites, large vinyl decals let the public become familiar with your company name and brand.

Many businesses find that vinyl decal printing can be a very effective marketing method and incorporate their use into each of their marketing campaigns. So, allow your creativity to flow and add large format vinyl decals to your business marketing efforts.

Window graphics printing can help you maximize the value of your interior and exterior window space. You can custom print “eye-level” billboards to help promote your products and services, hours of operation, special promotions, etc. Put your storefront to work!

Possible Window Graphics Printing Materials:
Solid VinylClear VinylStatic Cling Vinyl
Perforated “see-thru” VinylEtched Glass “frosted” Vinyl
Lo-tac Removable VinylSpecialty, “cut-to-shape” Vinyl

Window Graphics Printing
Printing window graphics has significantly improved in recent years. In the past, many businesses were restricted with what they could purchase to use for window signage printing and still keep their storefront looking great. Availability of different printing materials and custom colors was nearly non-existent. Business owners had to often use single color vinyl cutouts to use as window displays.

Permanent And Temporary Window Signage
In the past, many of the printed window graphics and signs that were created were permanently affixed to the glass. This meant that if the business wanted to change what was being displayed on the window, there would be great effort and cost associated with the transformation. Many businesses simply declined to ever change their appearance once these window signs were installed.

One Way Window Graphics Printing
One way window graphics are becoming increasing popular with the private and business sector. One way graphics printing have a design on them that is visible from one side and clear to see through on the other.





  • Digital Canvas
  • Acrylic Printing
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Window Graphics
  • and so much more...

Digital Canvas examples ...

Full color Print – Popular

Our experience, software and out-of-the-box thinking allow us to take your photograph and truly bring your subject to life! Large format prints available.

Acrylic Printing examples ...

Full color Print with Opacity

Full print to the edge with no transparency.

Selective Transparency Area

Provide us a PNG or Photoshop file and we will print the visible layers (Ideal for Logo print). This option is not available with back float frame mount.

Backlit Effect

Perfect if you want to create your own light box. We only suggest this option if you plan to always back light your acrylic or it will look dull without any light from behind.

Frost Effect

Great for transparency effect. ( ex: Church Mosaic ) On windows or Office separator.

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